Troubleshoot connection issues

  1. ICW connect to sensors through ANT+ radio. Please check that ANT+ hardware is available and enabled on your phone or tablet.
  2. Connection is made using the ANT+ software, hence it is important that these tools are up to date. Please ensure that latest versions are installed using the links below:
  3. Some trainers can operate in either Bluetooth or ANT+ mode. Make sure that ANT+ is selected, not Bluetooth.
  4. Please check that sensors are ANT+ certified. Trainers must also be ANT+ FE-C certified.
  5. Some trainers can receive firmware updates. In that case, please make sure that the latest firmware is loaded into the trainer.
  6. Some trainers start to communicate only when activated. Give a few pedal strokes in order to wake up the unit before to try to connect to it.
  7. ANT+ radio is low energy. Make sure that the distance between the phone and the sensor is below 2 or 3 meters at most.
  8. If possible, please avoid any nearby WiFi activity. WiFi is a high energy signal which is known to interfere with ANT+ (a lot!).
  9. Before to ride, make sure that devices are selected in the profile screen, so that they will be used for the workout.
  10. If all else fails, please test the connection with this ANT+ tool:
    ANT+ Plugin Sampler.
    If the sensor can be connected using the ANT+ plugin sampler, please e-mail me ( the exact model and version of your equipment so that I can check what’s wrong.
    If the trainer cannot be connected it usually means that the trainer is either not compatible, or misconfigured or maybe faulty.