What is power based training?
Power based training is training by measuring the exact power in Watt generated by cycling, instead of relying on heart rate monitoring. Training using power measurement is much more accurate because there is no drift nor latency, unlike with heart rate frequency. Workouts can be precisely and individually designed to focus on specific capabilities. Once you know your wattage, you can choose to train in specific zones depending on the capability you wish to improve (strength, VO2max, anaerobie, etc.). Training is then much more predictable, accurate and efficient. It becomes easy to follow progress and act to become stronger.

Learn more on power based training: The Advantages of Indoor Cycling Workouts

What is needed for ICW?
ICW needs:

  • Required: and Android phone or tablet, version 4.1 or later
  • Required: ANT+ support on the Android device, either built-in (most Samsung and Sony phones) or using a USB OTG cable (like this one) and a ANT+ dongle (this one is great)
  • Required: an ANT+ FE-C compatible trainer (such as Tacx smart trainers, Bkool Pro, Wahoo Kickr, etc.). Please check that the trainer is operating in ANT+ FE-C mode
  • Optional: an ANT+ heart rate monitor, an ANT+ cadence sensor
Will my equipment work with ICW?
Most probably yes, if:

  • Your Android phone or tablet has ANT+
  • Your trainer is ANT+ FE-C certified
  • Your heart rate monitor or cadence sensor is ANT+ (no matter which brand)

Please note that Bluetooth is not supported. Some devices can run in either Bluetooth or ANT+, in that case you need to switch to ANT+ mode if appropriate.

What are the differences between the free and Pro versions?
In addition to all features found in the free version, the Pro version includes:

  • Access to Professional workouts designed by Martin Burrows, British Cycling level 3 and Training Peaks Level 2 Certified Coach. Full description here: ICW Pro Workout descriptions
  • No custom workout duration limit, ride as long as you can (45min max in the free version)
  • Unlimited number of custom workouts for an increased flexibility (5 max in the free version)
I cannot connect to my trainer, please help!
Please follow the troubleshoot connection guide, it will hopefully help you to resolve connectivity issues.